How e-learning courses will be delivered?
Please note that NIT’s ITU ATC elearning course are delivered in a blended mode provided via the ITU Academy (https://academy.itu.int), with course material consisted of 10 recorded video lectures in HD with total duration of app. 10 hours.

E-learning courses are based on the following methodology:

    • The course material will be studied and discussed over a time period of one week;
    • Course materials (consisted of 10 recorded video lectures with total time of approx. 10 hours, as well as offline presentations) will be made available on a daily basis (two video lectures per day, via the ITU Academy, from Monday , the first day of the course, to Friday, the fift day of the course, where each participant can access the video materials at any time during the course (and certain time period after finishing the course);
    • Discussion forum will be organized based on discussion topics given on a daily basis (one per day);
    • Quiz test will be given at the end of the course (within a given standard time window for accessing the Quiz, which will be minimum 30 hours starting from 00:00 hours on Monday, eight day of the course, GMT time, and given time period for solving the Quiz after accessing it of 90 minutes, while the Quiz itself will be based on multiple choices questions);
    • All announcements for all events (materials, quiz and forum) will be given in a timely manner (prior to the event) by the course tutor (that is me).

As typical for the elearning courses there are no scheduled classes (no real-time lectures at a given time), so each participant can freely accommodate when to participate in the course according to the daily duties at the work.

I'm having trouble playing video lectures
Please note that the video hosting platform is Vimeo, and video lectures are embedded on the ITU Academy platform and can be watched only when logged into the ITU Academy platform (please note that the video lectures are not allowed to be downloaded, neither that is possible).

Please note that it is possible that you may have some restriction to watch videos from certain Internet service providers in your country, however the Internet connection and end-user equipment is responsibly of the participant. In that manner, you may find any workaround solution that is available to you with aim to be able to watch the video lectures.

Additionally, we suggest to update your web browser to the latest version (please use Chrome or Firefox as a web browser) and also suggest to use an ISP that do not block or filter video streams to/from Internet, especially from Vimeo video hosting platform.

Afterwards please inform us about your success to watch the video lectures.